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The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the horse.

Welcome to our site.  Dr. Jacobson has a strong belief that horses of all colors, shapes and sizes are very special.  Her life has always centered around the horse and she loves sharing that passion and her knowledge with others who adore the horse.  She is also passionate about healing and maintaining the well being of the horse.   Whether you are new to the world of horses or have spent a lifetime with them, Dr. Jacobson hopes that your journey is as grand and rewarding as hers' has been thus far.

This site will evolve into what you want, in conjunction with what Dr. Jacobson can offer so please share with us your ideas about the site.

Everyone is invited to attend the Council's next meeting  Lunch is brown bag.  Meetings are open to the general public. Participants are encouraged to share their ideas on life-saving methods to help horses and actively participate in this effort. The topic of horse slaughter will NOT be discussed at council meetings.  The new Montana Horse Welfare Council has begun addressing issues facing many Montana horses and their owners, including veterinary care, feeding and equine cruelty investigation, in addition to related issues. Council project manager Kathy Luedtke said, “Horse welfare councils across the nation are addressing a wide range of issues. We address issues particular to Montana. One goal is to find ways to help horse owners in financial crisis who are having difficulty caring for and feeding their horses. The council offers unique opportunities for people to get involved and make a tangible difference for horse welfare. With meeting locations moving across the state, we hope for a constant flow of new participants and their ideas.”

Tax deductible donations can be made to the Montana Horse Welfare Council. If you are interested in donating, contact the Council's treasurer, Susan Favro, susan@healthyasahorse.net (406.864.8000).

Montana’s Horse Welfare Council invites all Montanans to participate.

For more information, contact any of the meeting organizers:

Jane Heath of Montana Horse Sanctuary (406) 264-5300

Wendy Hergenraeder of Humane Society of the United States (406) 633-0689

Kathy Luedtke of Montana Grassroots Horse Coalition (406)396-8758

P.O. Box 19  Clyde Park, MT 59018 | Phone: 406-223-0000 | Fax: 406-686-4658 | bigskyvets@aol.com

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